Spain has abolished the wealth tax

We have exciting news to share with all our clients, investors, and real estate enthusiasts in Spain! The wonderful news, which significantly impacts the real estate market, is that Spain has just abolished the wealth tax. This is a huge convenience that can radically change the way we invest in real estate in this charming country.


What does the abolition of the wealth tax mean?

So far, when investing in real estate in Spain, we had to consider the costs associated with the wealth tax. Now, we are thrilled to announce that this tax has been abolished, opening up new possibilities for us and encouraging investment in real estate in Spain more than ever before.

Why is this so important?

The abolition of the wealth tax is an important step that attracts investors from around the world. This means that investments in Spanish real estate have become even more attractive and profitable. It’s a great opportunity for those who dreamed of owning property in Spain but were worried about additional tax costs.

How can we help?

Our real estate office is ready to assist you at every stage of the property investment process in Spain. Our knowledge and experience in the local market are invaluable, and now, with the abolition of the wealth tax, we can offer you even more attractive deals.


This is truly an exciting time for the real estate market in Spain. The abolition of the wealth tax opens up unlimited possibilities, and we are ready to help you seize this moment. Contact us today to learn more about our available offers and investment plans.

Spain is a country full of beautiful landscapes, culture, and history. Now, with the abolition of the wealth tax, it can also become your new home or an excellent investment. Don’t miss this chance!

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