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Together, we will ensure to choose the right property for you, and we will also handle all the formalities associated with the purchase process.

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Casas en Marbella

We have offers from all over Andalusia

For rent

We will help you rent a property safely, verify the agreement, check the condition of the property, and verify the authenticity of the offer.

For purchase

Are you interested in purchasing a property in Spain? We will find the best offers for you, guide you through the properties, and assist with all legal and administrative matters.

For sale

Do you own a property in Spain and are looking for favorable selling conditions without excessive formalities? We will find a buyer for you and take care of all administrative tasks.

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We serve clients in English, Spanish, Polish and Russian!

Anna Robak

Anna Robak

Hello! We invite you to get in touch with our office. We would be happy to discuss your property with you and help you sell, buy, or rent it safely. You can contact us by phone or use the contact form below.


Complete the application form

Tell us who you are. Thanks to the form, we will find out whether you want to sell, buy, or rent a property, what type of property you are interested in, and in which region.


We will prepare some suggestions for you

Upon reviewing your submission, we will prepare several offers for you. Then, we will contact you by phone to present the initial proposals and discuss your full expectations.

Specify the parameters of the property

We will get to know your needs better, prepare several offers for you, and thoroughly prepare for our conversation.

Full range of services

Check how many tasks related to property purchase we can assist you with.

We will find a property

We will find the best market offers available exclusively with us, as well as offers from our partners for you.

We will suggest a notary

This is practically the last step! And here too, together with our law firm, we will provide you with support in approving all the documents.

We will help with the administration

We will take care of all formal matters related to buying, renting, or selling a property.

Do you need interior design or an interior designer?

Our specialist will help you plan the renovation, design the property, prepare a list of materials, estimate the renovation costs, and suggest local stores.

We will help you obtain bank financing

We will present you with several banking proposals and acquaint you with the banks' requirements regarding property purchase financing.

We will help you plan your renovation

We will provide the support of our renovation team, which will tailor the property to your expectations.

We will provide legal assistance

Do you need assistance from a Polish-speaking lawyer? We offer help that will prove essential in verifying the agreement.

Golden Visa
Visado de Oro

Golden Visa for non-EU citizens. Together with our lawyer, we will guide you through the process of obtaining the Golden Visa, so you can enjoy your property and the Spanish climate all year round.

Most popular categories

You will find more categories in our search engine and under the "Properties" tab.

Short term holiday rentals

Are you looking for a property for holiday or short-term rental up to 12 months?

Some important articles

Thanks to which you will gain knowledge and better prepare yourself for purchasing or renting a property in Spain.

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Our agents

We will be the ones discussing properties with you, searching for attractive offers for you, and guiding you through the locations. We will provide a Polish-speaking lawyer and assist with administrative matters.

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Monika Tomczyk

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Benito Sanchez Zabala

Real estate agent
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